Evolutionary Astrology with Joe Molloy Shaman Astrologer
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I began drawing astrological charts somewhere in my 20's. I remember asking a friend for a "compass" to draw circles for the charts for my birthday one year, and being bemused when she presented me with a hikers pocket compass, and a big smile on her face for finding one for me. Although, in a way, it did help me navigate my path to where I am today.

Astrology has always held an attraction for me, but the initial coffee table magazine astrology columns never made any sense to me and rather dragged astrology down in to a meaningless prediction of success or failure, wealth or demise, that made no sense to me. How could everyone with the same sun sign have the same fortune, destiny of fate?

Astrology is a simple and beautifully complex weaving together of the archetypical natures of planets, signs and houses. That paints a picture of the solar system at the moment of our birth and at every changing moment of our lives. It reflects everything that opened to us as opportunity.

Evolutionary Astrology gives us even more. A portrait of our Souls Journey and chosen intentions for our current lifetime and evolutionary experience. It is an initiation into our relationship with the cosmos.

Our soul's journey can be mapped out. Showing us what we chose at the soul level to experience in this lifetime, before being born. What we need to bring balance too that remains unresolved from our past lifetimes, and what we may feel inclined towards as an identity and way of living that is familiar from our souls past incarnations, but can cause repeating patterns that can seem to hold us stuck without knowing why.

Every house, planet and sign help us to understand our strengths, inclinations and nature so that we can approach our life choices in a more informed and illumined way. Understanding what we came here to begin or to complete helps us to value the effort we are required to invest in the different experiences and challenges, opportunities that we encounter.

This has always made sense to me. And has informed my work over many years as a Shaman, healer, Yoga teacher, and even before as a counsellor and therapist, and of course as an Astrologer.

My joy and pleasure is to unravel and reveal your Souls Intention and journey through the map of Evolutionary Astrology together. To support you to find and follow your life's path to happiness and joy in your own ways.


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