Evolutionary Astrology with Joe Molloy Shaman Astrologer
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Astrological Soul Readings:

Evolutionary Astrology looks at our lives in relation to the position of the planets when we were born, our Natal Chart, and considers them in relation to our Soul's Journey, helping us to answer the question "why!" How many times have you found, in your life that this question has popped up, without a satisfying answer? Now you can answer theses questions.

If you have always wondered why patterns keep appearing in your life, or why opportunities appear in other peoples lives and not your own, why you gravitate to certain choices, people, places and situations, repeatedly? Then Evolutionary Astrology offers you a new approach and new view, to create a new "map" of your Soul's journey. Giving you new keys to unlock meaning where none has been found so far.

Everyone has to be born somewhere and somewhen. This is a basic fact of our realities. We are born, live and die in relation to time and place. Do you wonder why does our Soul choose the where and when that it does?

Astrological Soul readings offer the "missing piece." Perspectives that help to make sense of the challenges and opportunities that present in our lives.

To find out more pop me a message.

1 to 1 Astrological Soul readings take place online via Zoom. Your session will usually be an hour long. My fee, the exchange for this service is currently £80 (GBP)

Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal/Revolut. I will share details for payment when you book along with my availability so you can choose the best appointment time and day for yourself.

Blessings and much love



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I would like to book an Astrological Soul Reading:

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